About Us

For Jim Chobot, the process of making his hand-crafted furnishings found on his table all starts at the beach. Using driftwood as well as beautiful hardwoods, Neptune Furniture offers rocking chairs, benches, footstools, cutting boards, firelighters wall plaques, and other astonishing one-of-a-kind items.

Jim has lived and worked on Vashon Island for more than 30 years. The beach and the driftwood he finds there has always been Jim’s muse. Living on an island gifts him with an abundance of trees, rocks, and tides. Each day, new gifts of driftwood present themselves to be incorporated into Jim’s creations. Making functional art into a functional business is, in itself, an art all its own. Harnessing creativity and directing its flow are skills continually in development at Neptune Furniture.

While it is true that Neptune Furniture is a furniture woodworking shop, it is also very much an art studio. And just as the materials Jim uses once grew, his styles and artistic direction grow and change every day.