About Us

Ghost Alley Espresso is a unique coffee shop with an equally unique history. Nestled in a 1908 bathroom, Ghost Alley isn’t your conventional coffee shop. In this small, intimate, and definitely haunted nook, you can find the talented staff brewing up some of the best coffee in Seattle.

Located underneath the iconic Public Market Center sign, Ghost Alley Espresso offers unique beverages in an intimate setting. They showcase small roasters in the Pacific Northwest, leading with Middle Fork Roaster’s full city roast. Drinks are prepared on a Modbar espresso machine, a uniquely efficient device that separates the heavy machinery below the counter, removing the barrier disruption to customers often presented with a standard countertop machine and inviting them closer to the barista process.

The shop offers freshly roasted local coffee beans are for sale in addition to their crafty beverage lineup, delivered to the shop by bicycle every Tuesday.

Find Ghost Alley Espresso near IL Bistro and just up north from Unexpected Productions.