About Us

Your adventure spawns here with Black Forest Mushrooms. They cultivate gourmet mushrooms in hyper-localized controlled environment farms that help fight climate change and strengthen security in the local food supply chain. Veteran-owned and operated, the Black Forest Rangers are unwavering in their mission to cultivate gourmet mushrooms and healthy communities.

On their Pike Place Market table, Adventurers, such as yourself, can find four types of organic mushrooms, along with mushroom jerky, dried mushrooms, mushroom powder, and more. Their most popular product at Pike Place Market has been the Blue Oyster and Lion’s Mane Mushroom Jerky. Both jerkies are vegan-friendly and gluten-free. Make sure you try a sample!

Black Forest Mushrooms operates from its innovative indoor controlled environment agriculture (CEA) farm situated in downtown Everett, Washington, just 30 miles north of Seattle. This farm is distinguished not only by its cutting-edge mushroom cultivation but also by its Ranger Station-themed Mushroom Market. Open year-round, seven days a week, the market invites visitors to explore a wide array of hyper-local Washington products. In addition to shopping, Black Forest Mushrooms offers a unique experience with their U-Pick Mushroom experience, where guests can harvest mushrooms directly from their growth environment, while also having the opportunity to forage for gifts and Washington-grown products, allowing everyone to immerse themselves in the abundant offerings of the legendary Pacific Northwest.

Ask about their Mushroom Market, Ranger-led Mushroom Farm Tours, and Mushroom Happy Hour, and their recent feature on King 5 Evening.

Black Forest Mushrooms will be at Pike Place Market from Thursday – to Sunday.