About Billie the Piggy Bank

Billie the Piggy Bank joined her cousin Rachel at the Market in 2011. She was the mascot for the Pike Place Market Foundation’s Pike Up! campaign, which raised more than $9 million to expand Pike Place Market, creating the MarketFront where Old Stove Brewing, Honest Biscuits, and indi chocolate are today.

Billie sits proudly just outside the pavilion, greeting everyone to the MarketFront Sun Deck and the fantastic views of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.

Like Rachel, Billie raises funds for the social services at Pike Place Market.

Pigs do Fly at Pike Place Market! Billie the Piggy Bank flew to her new home on the MarketFront with a little help from the construction crane during construction in 2016.


Rights & Use

Billie the Piggy Bank’s name and any graphic representations of the statue are registered trademarks. Commercial use of these properties requires a trademark licensing agreement; please get in touch with the Pike Place Market Foundation at [email protected] or call (206) 774-5249 for more information.