For Craftspeople

For Craftspeople

For Craftspeople

The below information may not be current due to COVID-19. Please click here, to learn how you can utilize and support the Market.

Pike Place Market craftspeople continue the tradition of “Meet the Producer" by selling handmade products directly to the consumer. Each morning, after the ringing of the market bell and roll call, the North Arcade bustles with activity as craftspeople set up their displays. The crafts market is one of the largest showcases of locally made crafts in the country.

For Current Craftspeople

Become a Craftsperson

Screenings of new vendors are currently paused until 2022, as we are in the process of re-opening existing vendors under limited selling options due to COVID-19. Applications may be submitted at any time and will be reviewed once screenings recommence

Potential craftspeople are invited for a screening from the waitlist based on table availability, uniqueness of craftwork compared to the existing product mix, whether or not the applicant’s products fit the Market guidelines, and the level of handmade aspects and artistic involvement in the products intended for sale.

Inquiries regarding upcoming opportunities may be directed to David Dickinson, Daystall and Craft Program Manager. Table space is rented by the day, and rates vary depending on the season and the day of the week.



For more information, contact David Dickinson, Daystall and Craft Program Manager, at or (206) 774-5224.