About Us

An avid collector of all things old, particularly in textiles, Beth Nielsen founded Vintage Creations to pursue her interest in using recycled and vintage materials to make new wearable clothing and accessories.

All of Vintage Creations products are made by hand with repurposed fabrics and materials. For her process, Beth searches high and low for textiles that meet her high standards for quality and beauty. Sometimes finding the material is only the beginning, “If it needs dyeing, I dye it,” she says.

“The main reason I started using vintage and recycled materials was that I just find them to be more fun. You see different patterns and textures that you don’t see every day.”

Vintage Creations customers tend to be people who appreciate creativity. Our customers like funky, one-of-a-kind clothing and are generally eco-friendly consumers.

“There is a lot of variety,” says Beth. “Some customers love the cashmere since it is super soft, others the recycled fur to keep them warm, and the fun vintage tablecloth skirts for their cheerful prints and flattering design.”

Beth is always looking for new and different ways to make beautiful materials into something totally new.