About Us

Twyla Dill’s ability to blend lace, wood, and metal into one compatible form is what has made the jewelry of Twyla Dill’s Design a fan-favorite of Seattleites and visitors. Twyla discovered crocheting while living in Istanbul where she started by making lace on the edge of an old t-shirt.

Her first pieces were made with wood and lace. They were beautiful, and Twyla loved making them but knew she wanted to elevate her jewelry. That’s where metalwork came in. Learning to work with metal and combining the lace with it modernized her jewelry from boho to chic.

Twyla has been selling her exceptional jewelry at Pike Place Market since 2016 and has had more than five thousand happy customers and hundreds of people wear her best-selling Droplet Earrings.

Twyla is currently focusing on creating elegant and fun collections that aim to help you feel empowered every day.

For behind-the-scenes looks, inspiration, and details about her jewelry, follow Twyla Dill on social media!