About Us

Jeanne and Butch Carlson of Stewart’s Meats are third-generation ranchers. The original rancher was Butch’s grandfather, Stewart, who began his family-owned business during the 1929 Depression and maintained a tradition of quality meats at good prices and a commitment to customer service. The Carlson Family raises cattle and buffalo and grows their own hay on the Olympic Peninsula.

Stewart’s Meats has been a feature at the Pike Place Market since 2003, specializing in their Famous Smoked Pepperonis & Jerkies. All of Stewart’s Famous Pepperonis & Jerkies are from their own herd, and all products sold at Pike Place Market are vacuum sealed for freshness and quality.

Fun Fact: Stewart’s Meats is so beloved; one loyal customer comes all the way from Alaska on a helicopter to pick up specialty cuts of meat from their ranch.