About Us

Melissa Schafer of MSSA Designs combines the organic and the industrial to create timeless jewelry that tells a story — yours. Melissa molds metal like clay, which contains precious metals such as pure silver or copper extracted from recycled electronics. Being able to give new life to discarded objects is a cherished piece of Melissa’s making process.

Melissa thinks of her jewelry as big stories packed into tiny treasures. There’s the story of the material — a special clay filled with precious metals. After the clay burns off, you’re left with nothing but pure silver or copper.

There is Melissa’s story — a corporate worker in a high-paced job who gave up climbing the ladder to pursue her passion and craft.

Finally, there’s your story. When you wear one of her pieces, you’re telling the world a little bit about who you are.

Every piece Melissa makes comes from her hands. Inspired by the beauty of the natural world and the art that surrounds her, Melissa creates with you and your unique style in mind.