About Us

My name is Linda Boitano, owner of Market Lavender, and I have been farming and selling lavender at the Pike Place Market for nearly 30 years.

As a third generation farmer I am both proud and grateful to grow my lavender on the same parcel of land where my Grandfather once raised vegetables many years ago.

At Market Lavender, we have a passion for lavender and creating the very best products possible. We are constantly experimenting with ideas in order to offer new products to our customers. In contrast to many large commercial lavender farms in the area, we are a small local farm only 30 minutes from the Market.

As you probably know, Pike Place Market is truly an icon of the Northwest. The experience of meeting and interacting with customers from all parts of the world is truly exhilarating and enlightening. Thank you for supporting our farm and be sure to stop by our farm table in the Market’s main arcade.