About Us

Grimm Brothers Foods was established in 2018, but what brought our company to fruition began decades ago with my great grandmother, Amy Lovett.

She ran a small catering company from home, down south in Atlanta, Georgia. Every year, she would have huge catering orders for hot wings for Super Bowl parties and I would help her by cutting and prepping the peppers.

I became a visual artist and later happened to be approached by a gentleman who was so impressed with my hot sauce that he offered me a job on the spot selling Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce at Pike Place Market and I accepted!

I sincerely loved what I was doing, but soon realized that I was doing for someone else what I wanted to be doing for myself, and that required me to part ways with Uncle Paulie.

I met my wonderful wife behind the table selling hot sauce at Pike Place Market. For 5 years, I sold her hot sauce without the benefit of her knowing my name, nor me hers. We finally made formal acquaintances when we exchanged names and with our fanatical love for hot sauce, we realized that we were a match only found in fairytales. Soon thereafter, Grimm was born.

With the utmost gratitude, we have had the benefit of selling hot sauce all over the Pacific Northwest. We have gotten to meet and know some great people, from Portland to Pasco, and from Elma to Monroe. Our farm is location in Des Moines, Washington, about 13 miles from the Market.

We are passionate about developing and delivering the highest quality of products to enhance whatever you may have on your plate. So, please join us whenever you think of Grimm, think GREAT-ful!

You can find our stand on the farm tables in the Market’s main arcade. Their products are also available to purchase online.