About Us

Creating nostalgia through stenciled pop art, Dave Ryan’s collection of paintings, postcards and prints are unique juxtapositions of pop art incorporated into present-day scenes. Dave Ryan was born and bred in the wet dank forests of Washington State. He began stenciling in the spring of 2006 and started to refer to himself as the Manticore.

In the summer of 2008, Dave broke his neck while backpacking across the country. He lost most of his fine motor functions, using stenciling both as a means of income and to regain the use of his hands.

The Manticore has since made a full recovery, and his unique blend of silly pop art can be found in coffee shops, watering holes, and on Level 3 of Pike Place Market’s DownUnder. Head down to get your hands on some of the most unique art found at our vendors.