8 Flowers to Look for on our Farm Tables

Spring has sprung at Pike Place Market and the main arcade is bursting with fresh-cut flowers from our 40+ family farms. Find tulips in every variety, peonies, iris, daffodils, pussy willows, and more on our farm tables this spring and throughout April, May and June.

Read on to learn about eight unique blooms you’ll find in bouquets right now. All blooms are grown within 100 miles of the Market.

And don’t miss the best time to shop Pike Place Market bouquets as we gear up for the 15th Annual Flower Festival! Over 40 tents will line Pike Place and invite you to take in their beautiful arrangements!

Double Daffodil

Resembling peonies or carnations more than classic daffodils, the frilly blossoms of the Double Daffodil skip the trumpet shape and instead grow multiple layers of petals. These charming perennials produce beautiful tufts as elegant as their botanical species name “Narcissus” sounds.

Where to find them:

Herbaceous Double Peony

A deep crown full of layers of fluffy tendrils surrounded by a ring of wider petals signifies this varietal. Lean in to take a whiff of the sweet-spicy fragrant aroma of its blooms.

Catch the first batch of the season at Ly’s Farm and Blong’s Gardens farm table.

This coveted bloom sells out fast when it arrives, but count on seeing more varieties throughout May and June!

Crispa Tulip

Funky and fringed, the uniquely bristled petals of Crispa Tulips draw comparisons to fine quartz crystal formations or the spikey teeth of a Venus Flytrap. But fear not, they don’t bite! Find these blooms in blazing hues of oranges, yellows, and more.

Where to find them:

Peony Double Tulip

A delicious pop of bubblegum pink draws you in, but wait until they open for the big reveal! These double tulips bear a striking resemblance to the fullness of peonies when they are in full bloom, inviting layers of fragrance and color that give them the common name of a “Peony Tulip.”

Where to find them:

Lily-Flowered Tulip

With tall, slender and elegant flared petals, the lily-flowered tulip boasts a star-like quality when it opens up into full form.

The goblet shape of the flower and pointed petals makes for a sharp and eye-catching display.

Stop by Ly’s Farm to pick up a handful of “Flying Away” stems in gorgeous shades of scarlet and yellow!

Parrot Tulip

Identified by their feathery, scalloped edges, Parrot Tulips make for a stunning statement piece in a bouquet.

This varietal boasts vibrant color combinations with beautifully striped petals and wavy streaks in varied flame-like forms.

Find them at the Santos Farm table!

Dutch Iris

Taking its name after the Greek word for rainbow and the goddess of mythology, these orchid-like flowers have silky petals that stun in royal shades of deep purple and yellow. Pair them with the golden bursts of sunshine that are daffodils and you have a radiant centerpiece for any room!

Where to find them:

Pussy Willows

Known for their cottony soft texture, pussy willows are a unique bloom that forms what’s called catkins instead of traditional petal-shaped flowers. These tightly bunched stamens provide a great resource for pollinators emerging from hibernation early in the season, and make for a unique, long-lasting accent piece to your bouquet!

Where to find them: