Pike Place Market Busker Festival

Pike Place Market Busker Festival

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Pike Place Market Busker Festival


11:00 am - 5:00 pm


Pike Place Market



Welcome to Seattle Celebrates Busking 2014! Organized by a community of buskers and those who support it, the festivities mark the 40th anniversary of the legalization of street performing in Seattle. Pike Place Market has a rich history and continuing legacy of busking, with more than 300 buskers performing at the Market each year.

The Pike Place Market Busker Festival on Sunday, September 14, will feature four stages with music, magic, dance, balloons, hula hoops, and yes a flea circus! Performers include Howlin' Hobbit, Jim Page, Artis the Spoonman, Emery Carl, and many more. The complete calendar, including times and locations, is available at http://pikeplacemarketbuskers.com/calendar.

Buskers Week, from September 15-20, features events throughout downtown Seattle. To learn more about the festival go to: http://pikeplacemarketbuskers.com/home