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Seattle City Council Approves MarketFront Development Agreement and Funding

Seattle City Council Approves MarketFront Development Agreement and Funding

Posted March 23, 2015

The current site of the future MarketFront was formerly the home of the Municipal Market building.

The Municipal Market building burned in 1974. It was later demolished.

Seattle City Council Approves MarketFront Development Agreement and Funding

The future site of the PikePlace MarketFront may not look like the most romantic place now, even with the Great Wheel and the Seattle Aquarium in the background. But imagine this scene for a moment with a generous plaza with a view of Mt. Rainier and the Olympic Mountains, farm and craft vendors, kids climbing on Billie the Pig and artisan food makers and it begins to look more inviting for locals and visitors alike.

Today, the City of Seattle showed its support for an exciting future for this historic district site by committing $34 million to the MarketFront, which will provide 30,000 square-feet of public space, 300 underground public parking spaces, 47 farm and craft spaces, 40 units of affordable housing for seniors and improved pedestrian access to the waterfront, among other features.

In reclaiming this parcel of the historic district, the Market is fulfilling a 40-year vision of those who fought to save it. In June 1974, the site was identified as part of the larger market historic district to be revitalized, restored and preserved.

The MarketFront is also the first step in a larger vision to create a dynamic connection between downtown with the waterfront.

For a more than a century, Pike Place Market has played a key role in the transport and traffic between the waterfront and points east. (See our blog post on the history of the site to learn more.)

Trestles were used to carry produce, seafood, livestock and goods from nearby islands and the peninsula up the steep bluff from the waterfront to the Market.

Today, residents and visitors alike find it difficult to navigate between the waterfront, Pike Place Market and downtown.

The MarketFront will bring the site of the former Municipal Market building back into use for the vendors and visitors to Pike Place Market, and provide access to the future Overlook Walk, a key element to the central waterfront design.

The Pike Place Market Foundation is still working hard to raise $6.8 million in private philanthropy. Be part of MarketFront legacy by engraving your name in a Market Charm or Hoofprint today!

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