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Artist Jesse Link Opens Gallery in Pike Place Market

Artist Jesse Link Opens Gallery in Pike Place Market

Posted March 1, 2017

If Jesse Link's work looks familiar, that's because you've likely encountered some of his handpainted creatures around Seattle. His seafaring great blue herons adorn the side of the West Seattle Lofts. His larger-than-life black bear paddles past customers at The Shack coffee shop. At the base of the Pike Street Hill Climb, his 8-foot sperm whale guides pedestrians between the Market and Aquarium. Now, visitors to Pike Place will delight in discovering the artist's marvelous menagerie in its new home, Jesse Link's studio and gallery in Pike Place Market.

On Lower Level 3 just across the hall from Holy Cow Records, you'll step into Jesse's wildly imaginative universe where walruses fly, water buffalo sail ships, and bears sport samurai swords. Here you'll find an awesome display of original paintings in addition to canvas reproductions, small prints, stickers and journals available for purchase.

In the back you'll find Jesse behind an easel poring over his next creation. But even if he's mid-brush stroke he's always happy to take a break to chat and talk shop. "Having a place in the Market I get to interact with the public on a daily basis, which I love."

If you ask him to describe his style he might tell you "urban surrealism...but then I've never been good at describing things." To Jesse, his work is more about the interaction between each piece and the viewer. "When developing a piece, I'm trying to create an image that can be meaningful to each person in their own way," he explains. "I intentionally create an ambiguous narrative so that the viewer, using free association, can create her own meaning. Having a viewer question what the painting means and come up with a meaning of their own is my goal."

Please join us in welcoming Jesse Link to the Market and visit his gallery at Pike Place Market #324, open daily 11 am-5 pm (closed Wednedays).