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Whether you're trying to impress out-of-town guests or just looking for a new brunch spot, these four low-key Pike Place Market restaurants not only have delicious hearty breakfast items on the menu they also have breathtaking views.

So grab your friends and your phone and head to the Market for Instagram-worthy meals and views.


Lowell's Restaurant

The entrance to Lowell's Restaurant from Pike Place Market's main Arcade. (Photo via Twitter)

Lowell's Restaurant at 1519 Pike Pl takes guests straight from Pike Place Market's busy arcade to the waterfront. 

Order cafeteria-style when you enter, and head to any of the three floors of seating. Make sure you snap some pics of the Sound while waiting for a server to bring you your order.

Seagulls may well stare at you from outside the third-floor windows as you enjoy your Lemon Zest-Ricotta-Berry Pancakes or any of the five Eggs Benedict dishes. Or, try their world-famous Dungeness Crab Omelet or Historic Hangtown Fry.

Lowell's opens at 7 a.m.



The Athenian Seafood Restaurant

The view from a booth at the Athenian Seafood Restaurant and Bar. (Photo via Athenian's website)

Everything is super fresh at this “Sleepless in Seattle” locale that dates back to 1909, making the Athenian Seafood Restaurant and Bar one of the oldest establishments in Seattle.

Signature dishes include the Smoked Salmon Frittata featuring smoked salmon from their Market neighbor, Pure Food Fish. The Joe’s Special Egg Scramble has chicken garlic sausage from Uli’s Famous Sausage, another Market neighbor.

Plus, the wood booths, historic photos and lovely views add to your Market experience.

The Athenian Seafood Restaurant and Bar at 1517 Pike Pl opens at 8 a.m.



Sound View Cafe

The view from a booth at Sound View Cafe. (Photo via Sound View Cafe's website)

Sound View Cafe at 1501 Pike Pl is a busy hideaway that's slightly off the beaten path. Down the ramp from the fish-tossing, you'll find the cozy sit-down cafe which boasts great views of the waterfront and the Great Wheel. 

Grab oats, granola, yogurt parfaits or meatier options like Steak Hash-n-Eggs or “Sunrise Saute” that has grilled salmon, prawns and scallops to go with your eggs. 

Sound View Cafe opens at 8 a.m.



Pike Place Bar & Grill

The view from a booth at Pike Place Bar & Grill. (Photo via Yelp)

Perfect for those little ones with big appetites and people-watchers. This diner-style restaurant is tucked in the corner of the top floor of the Corner Market building.

The half-moon windows at Pike Place Bar & Grill look out toward the Market’s iconic clock and sign and the hustle-bustle below.

All-you-can-eat Belgian Waffles topped with fruit are sure to satisfy, but there are plenty of options for those wanting lighter fare.

Pike Place Bar & Grill opens at 9 a.m.


Cafe Campagne's Seasonal Specials

Posted August 24, 2018

We're well into tomato season and Cafe Campagne is taking full advantage! Executive chef and owner of Cafe Campagne, Daisley Gordon, gave us a behind-the-scenes look at some menu items featuring the versatile fruit.

(Tomato Soup)

(Tomato Quiche with salad)

(Tomato salad with gazpacho)

According to Chef Gordon, he tries to use seasonal fruits/vegetables as much as he can in as many dishes as possible. The discipline and creativity that go into menu items with seasonal ingredients guarantee a unique dining experience that keeps guests coming back for more. You can often find Chef Gordon in the kitchen creating new and innovating dishes, so the next time you're at Cafe Campagne don't forget to thank the chef!

Fun Facts:

  • Chef Gordon has been at Cafe Campagne since 1995.
  • There are two staff members that have been at Cafe Campagne since it's opening in 1994.
  • Chef Gordon carries on the Pike Place Market tradition of "Meet the Producer" by being an active chef in the restaurant he owns. 

At Northwest Tastings, beautiful wood-paned windows offer amazing views of Elliott Bay by day, and the lights of the Seattle waterfront, ferries and the Great Wheel by night. Located on Pike Place Market’s Lower Level 5 (just down the ramp from Uli’s Sausage, next to the Miniature Car Dealership), Northwest Tastings is a collaboration between three local artisanal producersSoulever Chocolates, White Heron Cellars and Glondo's Sausage Coas well as rotating offerings from local cheesemakers.

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Visitors to the historic Pike Place Market now have the opportunity to experience delicious traditional Italian handmade pasta dishes influenced by local Northwest flavors at Pasta Casalinga, which opened March 20, 2018 in the Market’s Atrium.

With a shared passion for building community through great food and a welcoming environment, Michela Tartaglia and Nathan Gottlieb are bringing their respective Italian and Pacific Northwest roots together to create rustic, home-style pasta dishes in their warm and cozy market “kitchen.”

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Meet The Confectional's Destiny Sund and Paul Verano

Everyone knows how amazing the cheesecakes are at The Confectional (and if you don’t, stop reading and go there now!), but few know how the specialty bakery came to be. According to co-owner Destiny Sund, it all started when she invited her best friend Paul Verano over for dinner one night in 2005. “If I’m remembering correctly, we were in business together before we finished dessert!”

Paul and Destiny met at the University of Oregon where Paul first got serious about cheesecakes. Word got out and friends started paying him to make them. Since then, he’s perfected his original recipes with Destiny as chief taste tester.

At first, opening a store in Pike Place Market seemed intimidating, but after meeting and become friends with other shop owners Destiny soon found a whole community that was welcoming and supportive. They started sourcing ingredients from other Market tenants like Frank’s Produce, the Pike Place Creamery and MarketSpice.

Over the years, The Confectional has been named one of America's "top 5 chocolate desserts" by Food Network and one of Whoopi Goldberg’s "favorite things," plus Destiny personally handed out mini cheesecakes to Jimmy Fallon and The Roots! But the most impressive feat to Destiny and Paul is the fact that they’ve kept “a small business alive and kicking for eleven years!”a testament to how delicious their desserts truly are! (Pro tip: Pick up some heart-frosted cheesecakes for Valentine's Day.)

Seeing the smiles on people’s faces as they watch cheesecakes being made in the “Chocolate Theater” and the even bigger smiles they have when they eat one, is reward enough for two friends who together have created a true Pike Place Market gem.

Visit The Confectional at 1530 Pike Place, 10 am-6 pm daily.