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Shop Now on the Charitable Marketplace! Visit Pike Place Market Foundation’s online Charitable Marketplace featuring 100+ Market businesses and products that all support the recovery of Pike Place Market!

This Marketplace is a central hub to support your favorite Market vendors at home or in the Market. Give generously, shop intentionally:


COVID-19 has had a significant and heartbreaking impact on our vibrant Pike Place Market neighborhood that’s made up of thousands of farmers, craftspeople, artisans, small businesses and senior residents.

That’s why the Pike Place Market Foundation has launched the Power of Pike Place Recovery Campaign to raise at least $3.5 million to support the Market community.



Here's how YOU can be part

of the Market Recovery Efforts:

Join the recovery efforts of PIke Place Market as we all unite to return our community to full health and vibrancy.



See the latest updates on the Market Foundation's Recovery Campaign efforts.




SHOP our Small Businesses at the Market or online

To learn more about which businesses are open for walk ups, dine-in, takeout, curbside pickup or delivery click the icons below. 






Find all 7 Wonders of the Market before they disappear

Seven Market artists have transformed bare walls into beautiful interactive pop up murals that represent a “Wonder” of the Market. We challenge you to find them all!


1. World Famous

Kate Endle Mural

Kate Endle - Kate Endle Illustration & Fine Art

The Market is known for its unbeatable flower Market. All flowers are grown within 100 miles of the Market from 46 of our farmers. You can pick up a bouquet or make your own,

Location: DownUnder Mezzanine

Directions: From the Market Clock & Sign, walk into the main arcade. Pike Place Fish Market will be on your left. Walk past the fish guys down a slight ramp lined with vendors. When you reach a public seating area along windows overlooking Puget Sound, take a right. The mural is right behind the jewelry store, Ruby’s.


2. Seattle’s Best Seafood

Rosie Edholm Mural

Rosie Edholm- Rosie Ferne Illustration

Looking for the freshest fish in town? We have it at the Market! Our four seafood markets provide the most outstanding fish, shellfish and more! You can even “catch” your own fish.

Location: Corner Market

Directions: When you are facing the Market Clock & Sign from 1st Ave and Pike St, the entrance to the Corner Market will be on your right. There is a sign that says “Can Can” outside. When you get to the entrance, take the first flight of stairs up.


3. Locally Grown & Crafted

Jennifer Cullin's mural
Photo by: @amybronawynnygaard

Jennifer Cullin - The Paper Feather

You can find everything you need in one stop at the Market; specialty foods, handmade crafts -- you name it! At the Market, you can not only shop but also meet the producer! This is the most authentic way to shop local!

Location: Triangle Building

Directions: From the Market Clock & Sign head north on the cobblestones until you get to Pine St, turn right. Walk up the hill and the mural will be on the right-hand side.


4. Market Magic

Photo by: Beverley Pope 

Brooke Westlund - Brooke Westlund Studio + Gallery

Do we really need to explain this? You can feel the magic in the Market from across the street. From the craft line to the cobblestones to the four levels of the DownUnder, you are sure to encounter magic at every turn.

Location: Outside Rotary Grocery

Directions: From the Market Clock & Sign, walk into the main arcade head right look up and you will see a sign for “Rotary Grocery” follow it to the left, the mural is just around the corner.


5. Make It A Market Day

Patty Roberts mural

Patty Roberts - Falcorations Odyssey

Here is always something to do at the Market. The hard part is just picking one! Shop our unique assortment of stores or visit our world famous food and exciting selection of restaurants, cafes and bars. The Market is more than just a place to shop, it’s an experience.

Location: Top of the HillClimb

Directions: From the Market Clock & Sign, walk into the main arcade. To the right of Pike Place Fish, there is a set of stairs take those stairs all the way down. Once you get to the bottom, turn to your right, the mural will be on the left-hand side.


6. Breathtaking Views

Stacey Sterling mural

Stacey Sterling - Basilic

When you come to the Market, you step into the original Seattle. It’s an atmosphere like no other. The hustle and bustle of people working, the smells of the fresh food being prepare and the views all around you. Look to the west and you will see unsurpassed views of Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains and Elliot Bay. Look east and you are faced with the extraordinary Seattle Skyline.

Location: Western Ave.

Directions: From the Market Clock & Sign, walk north to the end of the cobblestones. Take a sharp left on Virginia St. and head down Western Ave. Walk past the Pike Place Market parking garage, the mural will be on your right.


7. Love is all Around Us

Photo by: @dara.leann.23

Alex Achaval - Alex Achaval Gallery/ Studio

There is an undeniable community of love at the Market. When you interact with a producer or just stroll the cobblestones, you feel it. Share the Market love when you come with friends and family.

Location: HillClimb Level 3

Directions: From the Market Clock & Sign, walk into the main arcade. To the right of Pike Place Fish, there is a set of stairs take those stairs all the way down. Once you get to the bottom, find a second set of stairs to your left, take the stairs down one floor, the mural will be to your right.

Tours take place during the 2nd annual Love in the Market on February 29th


Make your extra day count this year and do something different on Leap Day! Speaking of different, how well do you know the Market’s DownUnder levels?

Get to know the four historic floors below the main arcade full of unique shops, art galleries, restaurants, and maybe you will catch a glimpse of a ghost. With numerous ways to navigate in, around and through the levels, we take you on a 45 minute tour to learn and explore. 

Join us this year at Love in the Market and become a Market expert. The next time you are at the Market impress your friends and family with your knowledge of the lower levels.

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Photo credit: @matthew.armstrong.1048

With the busyness of the holiday season coming to an end, New Year’s resolutions are all the talk! Whether you’re committed to getting in better shape, using your vacation time, practicing self-care and meditation, learning to cook, or reading more books, Pike Place Market is a great place to help get 2020 off on the right foot.

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Murals are once again popping up across Pike Place Market. Eight fall-themed murals will stay up through early December.

This is the third round of pop-up murals at the Market. Each mural is designed and painted by Market artists allowing them to showcase their work or explore a new artistic avenue.

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