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Pike Place Market is more than fish, flowers, and produce - it's a thriving community, built by generations of families and businesses who've defined the Market as a cultural and historic icon.

This new monthly series by Seattle Weekly tells stories of the "People of Pike Place Market", from the perspective of those who've played an active role in building this unique community in the heart of Seattle.

Photo by Rosemary Dai Ross/POSTheadshots

The first installment features Joe Desimone (pictured), whose grandfather, Guiseppe Desimone was an original Pike Place Market farmer when the Market opened in 1907. Guiseppe eventually became part-owner of the Market and helped define the Market as a thriving, caring community.

"If my family had not kept the rents low in Pike Place Market, or had not worked with people in difficult times, there possibly would not have been a Market today. I'm very proud of the fact that my grandfather and father took a real chance - and now Seattle has something that is the envy of the world." - Joe Desimone

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