From creating your own classroom or schoolwide market to doing a food drive for the Pike Market Food Bank, there are plenty of activities classes can engage in to deepen learning about the Pike Place Market. These can be done in conjunction with participating in the PDA's Education Program, or on your own.

Print the Post-Field Trip Activities handout and use it throughout the school year. Some highlights from that handout are included below.

Post-Field Trip Activities [PDF]

Student Evaluation Sheets [PDF]

Create a Market: Introduce concepts like supply and demand, goods and services, planning and starting a business, by creating a classroom or grade-level marketplace for your school. Students become entrepreneurs by deciding what to sell, naming their businesses, and producing their goods or services.

Do a Food Drive for the Pike Market Food Bank: The Food Bank serves over 600 clients each week. The Food Bank relies on donations from a variety of sources. The Food Bank, as able, may come and pick up donations if you do a school-wide food drive. For more information, contact Laura Graber. Educators may also inquire about volunteering at the Food Bank

Jigsaw Activity: Divide the class into groups of four or five students each. Assign a Market-related topic to each group, such as Buskers, International Shops, Seafood, Fruits and Vegetables, Crafts, Public Art, How the Market Works. Each groups becomes the "expert" about their topic. Each student is assigned a task for which they are responsible. One can be the writer/scribe; one a photographer or recorder; two can be interviewers of vendors. Each group goes through the Market researching their topic and gathering information. Back at school, the groups compile their information and present to the rest of the class. The students learn from each other. 

Poster Gallery: Share these additional Market Street Festival and Anniversary posters. Also see the Lesson, Market History Posters, for Posters #1 through #5. Let these be inspiration for your students' creativity and artwork. All these are PDFs.(Courtesy of the Pike Place Market Merchants Association) 

Poster #6 Poster #7
Poster #8 Poster #9
Poster #10 Poster #11
Poster #12 Poster #13
Poster #14 Poster #15
Poster #16 Poster #17
Poster #18  


Student Art Gallery: Students can draw or paint scenes of their Market memories. Teachers can devote wall space for displaying a Student Art Gallery. Click on the links below to share with your students some of the attached samples of student artwork received over the years. Stories and poems written by students can be part of the gallery, too.

Giant Clock & Sign Daily Dozen Doughnuts
Daystalls Gum Wall Homage
Highstall Jack's Fish Spot
Magic Shop Pike Place Street Scene
A Piroshky (Russian Pastry) Rachel the Piggybank
Pike Place Fish Market Memories
Starbucks on Pike Place Market Community


Coloring Pages: Print pages for students to color. These are from the Public Market Center Coloring Book, by Mercedes Yaeger (Hamilton Custom Press, Seattle, 1996. Used with permission of the artist.) Mercedes often worked on her drawings while working in her parents' shop, Studio Solstone, still located in the Economy Atrium. These are also PDFs.

Rachel the Piggybank The Great Wind-Up 
Market Magic Shop Lowell's
Golden Age Collectables Neon Giant Clock & Sign
Flower Farmer Fish & Crab
Daily Dozen Doughnuts Choice Produce